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Our average days on the market for our staged listings is 13!


      Signature Home Sales is a brokerage firm that falls outside the box of conventional real estate practices.  With over 25 years of experience in  the New and Resale arenas, a positive, stress-free experience is what you'll get with Cathy and Brock!

      As the firm has grown in wisdom and experience from hundreds of transactions,  visions of innovation have been incorporated into their business as they bring strengths in redesign and staging to serve clients!  Since 2013, Cathy and Brock have combined these two businesses into a collaboration of skill sets to bring power to all clients who work with them.  They offer no-cost staging consultations to their Seller clients.  They start with the seller clients own furnishings and add staging items to enhance a property's show appeal for the wow effect.  They love vacant property's to stage and sell!


Meet Cathy and Brock


Cathy Chapman, Broker                                                                                       Brock Chapman, Salesperson



      One important mission at Signature Home Sales is to bring to light important truths about many Standards of Practice in the industry that can cost home buyers and sellers thousands of dollars unnecessarily.  They feel It is their duty as a public servant to shine a light on these truths so that homebuyers and sellers can make informed decisions about who they choose to work with.


Truths about Standards of Practice in Real Estate

1.   Admin Fees.  What are they and should YOU be paying one?  The answer is in the video!  We are not trying to bad mouth other colleagues because there are excellent colleagues in the business.  However, it's important you know who you are working with and the power you have in negotiations - even if it's with your own agent!

      Some of our colleagues charge their clients up to $795 in addition to their commission.  Perhaps you feel it's worth paying an admin fee to use your agent because you feel you can trust them.  The big question is this:  If the agent you are considering charges you an admin fee, are they referring you to other professionals who also charge admin fees?  It makes you wonder.  So, in short - just know you can negotiate and tell your agent that you are unwilling to pay any admin fees and you would like them to absorb this fee from their commission.  They'll do it to retain your business.

2.  Lender Fees. 

      Are you paying points and if so, what are you getting for it?  Is your agent policing all the fees on the settlement statement to make sure they are reasonable and appropriate?  Cathy caught a lender charging nearly $5k in points to a client who chose her own Internet lender.  She had excellent credit scores and was not buying down the interest rate which are the only two reasons to be paying points like this. 

      These charges must be challenged!  Demand to see a settlement statement ahead of closing.  Ask the lender, "What is this $5k charge?  It's not buying down her interest rate and she has excellent credit scores!"  You must get that charge removed or settlement will not take place!  Who cares if settlement is delayed another few days.  $5,000 is a LOT of money!  This is an excellent example of why you need to trust your agent, know they are there to protect your financial interests every step of the way and if they are, trust their recommendations instead of going with someone who has not come recommended.

3.   Buyer Agent Commissions. 

      If the commission paid to the buyer agent is less than 2.5%, many agents will charge the buyer the difference.  Are you okay paying the difference if you are a buyer?  It happens all too frequently that commissions are less than 2.5%.  Some builders pay less and some resale sellers pay less.

4.   Staging. 

      A majority of agents do not believe staging is very important.  Absolutely wrong!  Staging is crucial if the seller wants to maximize the price point for their property.  Easily accomplished tasks such as a simple redesign, painting, decluttering, reorganizing and staging can make a difference in sale price by up to 10%!  For a $500k home, that is another $50k increase in price for that home.  Invest $10k for a 20% ROI.  The math always makes sense!  If your agent doesn't encourage staging, what do you do?  Find someone else who believes in the power of staging and find one who offers it at a discount.

5.   Large brokerages. 

      Agents affiliated with a large brokerage have more power with your listing due to all the agents affiliated with the brokerage.  No, not necessarily!  The agent working with the buyer who wants your house is the agent of importance in your sale!  He/she could be with any brokerage firm!

6.   Listing Agent.

      The power with your listing is driven by the strategy of a competent and savvy Listing Agent as they collaborate with you in the preparation, pricing and staging of your home!

7.   Listings.

      Days on the Market to offers in hand.  Brock and Cathy's listings average 13 DOM (days on the market).  Ask the agent you are considering what their average DOM are.

See Cathy & Brock's Market Stats here.

       The work ethic of Brock and Cathy speaks for itself as they share data from recent sales.  It demonstrates an average of 13 days on the market before receiving offers.  This is a result of a carefully designed strategy created in collaboration with each client which includes a monumental and crucial task - PREPARATION & STAGING!   "Some listings go under contract within 24-hours and others 20-30 days.  If the client listens to us and takes our lead, the days on the market are shorter."  — Brock Chapman



"She (Cathy) helped us through the process even before there was a contract (listing agreement) in place.
Her recommendations were spot on. Her staging was impeccable. Her recommendations on pricing
were perfect and as a result, the house sold in one day on the MLS, with multiple offers at asking price.
What more could you ask for? But you have to listen to what she recommends and then do it." 

— D. Bray, Damascus Park Seller

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