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Staging for the Wow


Staging for the WOW is what we strive for with every listing we take.  The purpose of our collaboration with Design Refresh Stage is to give our clients an Ace in the Hole, so to speak with their home for sale.  Putting our experience, eye for design and staging into play is power in your home pulling in the highest potential price in the shortest period of time.  It's our strategy and it works.

Cathy is a Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner as well as a Certified Color Expert providing the highest level of competence and care with her seller clients!  Her staging expertise is a compliimentary service to her clients.  Why would she offer this expertise for free?  Because it's her passion and she knows it will assist her clients in a quicker sale at a higher price point which is a win for the client and a win for her.  If you do not come to her through a referral source (Redfin for example who she pays 30% of the commission to) she is able to spend money on furnishings she feels might aide in positioning your home for top dollar.  Her staged listings are under contract, on average, in 13 days.  That's a strong stat to compete with.  Call her to schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn how she can help you in your home sale.  She also specializes in New Construction so rely on her for her expertise there as well!


Samples of Cathy's work with Redesign and Staging























These are two different properties!  Look closely at how the two walls were opened up and how the one has a header at the doorway into the kitchen and the other doesn't.  Also the floors are different.

As you can see we worked with NYSA Construction on these two projects.


These are the same homes as the first ones shown.  They had almost identical floor plans.  The listing on the right led to the listing on the left.  The home on the left had 2 offers over asking price in less than 24-hours and the home on the right was under contract after only 7 days on the market!  Staging does pay huge returns!



Link to staging photos here!  Click on "See all Photos."

Stay tuned with us!  We are scheduled for a video shoot this week as we stage a home!  We'll post the video online here.

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Signature Home Sales - Partnering Real Estate with Staging & Redesign!
103 South Market Street, #201
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